[Summary] Chik Chak 903 Radio Interview (2012.05.07)

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The day the song was released and plugged, fans online were commenting, wondering if <Obviously> would be broadcast on the 903 Radio Station that very day. Out of curiosity, the DJ first went online to search the details about the song and she came across a blog where the blogger, although not in Hong Kong, is someone who loves listening to music and uploads songs with lyrics, allowing people to search for lyrics online. It is a very popular blog with his posts typically appearing first when people search songs online. The blogger commented that <Obviously> is extremely good and he was very pleased with everything — the melody, the lyrics and the singing. With such high praise even from him, the DJ took a listen and she also really liked it. She comments that the song Eric Kwok has composed is very romantic and the lyrics Riley Lam has penned are very picturesque.

Charlene has been a part of Twins for so long, so with solo music, she has always wanted to try something different and find an “Ah Sa style”. Last year working with Eric on <Year After Year>, she really liked the song’s style. Meanwhile, Eric feels that international artists all have their own music style, but the majority of Hong Kong artists sing pop music that is very easily accepted by the public, but in doing so, loses their personal style. Eric wrote a whole variety of songs for Charlene and when she listened to <Obviously>, she instantly really liked the introduction of the song with the loop and the piano melody. Even without lyrics, it already seemed beautifully picturesque to Charlene.

Speaking about how appreciative Charlene is of Riley Lam for completely re-writing the lyrics of <Obviously> 3 times, the DJ notices that with the first set of lyrics, the song was titled <Goldfish>. And one line in the lyrics the DJ really likes in <Obviously> is about how lovely it would be if people had the memory of goldfish (ie. not remembering as much). The first set of lyrics did talk about the same message as <Obviously> — remembering memories you want to forget and forgetting memories you want to remember. But, Charlene finds that what is most distinctive about Eric’s songs are his hook lines. When Eric composes his hook lines, he sometimes inserts lyrics along with those lines. The first two versions of the lyrics didn’t quite hit on point with his hook lines. But the lyrics to <Obviously> is on point with everything.

For the entire album with just Eric as the producer, the entire style is very unique and distinctive. When people listen to the songs, they will know: This is Ah Sa’s style. The second and third plugged songs have already been selected and Charlene really loves both of them too!

Speaking about Twins and Charlene’s separate music, Charlene comments that she thinks Twins’ way of handling things is different from how she handles things when she’s solo. Every album Twins has released is like recording how they are at that period of time, changing from one album to another. Charlene does like this variability and she points out how different times were at the beginning — the deep topics current young singers are singing about compared to when Twins were that same age, it feels like society has become so devastating, so it is different. And even though Twins sing more mature songs now, people have still put them in a confined area of what they picture Twins to be, with little room to go too deep or develop.

Solo, Charlene is able to address many different topics. But Charlene wanted to point out it’s not like she is very miserable and tragic — even <Obviously> is not too tragic and the tempo of the entire album will not be too slow. The DJ comments that listening to <Year After Year> and <Obviously>, her impression is that the melody is romantic and soothing, but the lyrics have a slight bit of pain about relationships and romance, which is similar to things girls around this age talk about. So the DJ asks Charlene if she intends to place more of her own carefree and optimistic personality into the lyrics. Charlene answers that the lyrics to <Obviously> have a helpless feeling, but it is not a very miserable feeling. She hopes that her lyrics will be able to touch people and express the things others may also feel. When she herself goes to sing karaoke, she sings songs with lyrics that match how she feels at that moment. When she is happy, she always sings Joey Yung’s <心花怒放> (Joyful Release) and when she is unhappy, she sings songs like A-Mei’s <原来你什么都不要> (So You Actually Don’t Want Anything At All)

During this time period of Eric being the producer of <Montage>, Charlene also found a new vocal coach! Charlene has previously had many different vocal coaches. One of the longer times she spent with one coach was her previous coach Christine Samson, who she was with for many years. Charlene likes trying out different vocal coaches to see if there are new sources of inspiration. Charlene’s current vocal coach is actually male and younger than Charlene. He has gone abroad and studied under many famous teachers. His teaching methods are also different from Christine Samson’s ways of teaching. Eric Kwok also felt it created a good result for Charlene — even when you listen to <Obviously>, Charlene’s voice is slightly different from before. Charlene personally likes it when her singing voice is a little raspy, but Eric doesn’t like it when Charlene’s singing voice is raspy. Now, Charlene agrees with this direction and you can notice that Charlene’s voice is smoother in <Obviously>, compared to in <Year After Year>.

Finally, Charlene says the album should release in June/July. The DJ really likes <Obviously> so she wraps up the interview to have a chance to keep on broadcasting the song. But she first comments that she really looks forward to the album and she hopes everything including the album cover and packaging fit with Charlene’s taste and preferences. Charlene says it’s great how she was able to make all the decisions for this album, and she feels very lucky that EEG has just let go and given Charlene complete space to work.


[Summary] RTHK Mandarin Radio Interview (2012.05.03)

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Charlene’s upcoming album <Montage> will release in June-July and the radio DJ suggests the timing of releasing an album in the summer time is a very “golden” time to do so. But Charlene did not think so much about timing the release. The process beginning from preparing the album, to recording it, to now, has taken up quite some time. Plus, Charlene really likes the songs on the album so she wants everyone to hear the songs as soon as possible. Charlene had actually begun preparing the album since the start of the year! However at that time, there were no songs yet and nothing decided about who she would look for to produce the songs. When <2 Be Free> released, that’s when she started finding a producer.

She has previously released several Cantonese albums — all times where she was still looking for her own path and music style. She has been a part of Twins for many years, but if she wanted to sing solo, there would have to be some differences and change. It is not easy to find your own path to take. So, she feels very fortunate that the course of releasing several solo albums was a gradual process that allowed people to accept the changes she’s undergone as she’s slowly found her own path. This time, Eric Kwok was the producer for the entire album and she is very thankful to him. He has a lot of his own ideas and he has allowed Charlene to establish a new “Charlene” style beginning from this album.

The DJ asks about Charlene’s comment regarding people slowly accepting how she’s transformed and the DJ wonders if there really are people who have not accepted Charlene as a solo singer. Charlene says: “There are, especially Twins fans. I am not wishing for everyone to approve of me. I do not blame them for the things they sometimes say. Because there are many things they do not know about. There are many matters they still may not have seen yet. I will slowly use my own effort. Then, I hope that one day, you will watch my acting projects, listen to my music, and you will slowly know my original choice at the time.”

The DJ asks Charlene what path she decided to take for <Montage>. Charlene states that when you listen to foreign music, many singers have their own style. But when you look at the Hong Kong music circle, most singers sing mainstream, pop music — they do not have their individual music style. So Eric felt that the style that best suits Charlene are songs with simplistic music and lyrics that are about human nature/humanity — including Charlene’s thoughts and lyrics that will make listeners ponder and reflect. The DJ asks if love songs are the backbone of the path Charlene is taking, but Charlene replies that there are topics other than romance that are discussed in <Montage>. Most of the topics come from the way Eric understands Charlene and Charlene’s peculiar ways of thinking that Eric has discovered. Eric even understands Charlene better than she knows herself. She believes that every artist has a very strong  sense of perception and ability to observe, and Eric is one of them. Charlene and Eric always talk on the phone, use Weibo inbox messaging and e-mail each other (getting in touch with each other through many means) which allowed Eric to really get to know Charlene.

She feels that the entire process of recording the album was extremely happy. Charlene actually feels that Eric has become her life coach! While they were recording the songs, what he asked from Charlene pushed her to improve. During every break, they would even chat. Over the whole process, he allowed Charlene to learn from experience even more. Eric has brought out a lot of passion in Charlene, from the album to her personal life. She never had the courage and was very afraid, but now Charlene really wants to get a scuba diving license and go scuba diving! Charlene actually wrote the driving written test before, but she didn’t pass because she didn’t get to study. But now she wants to get her license. Although Charlene is afraid of heights, now she also really wants to go skydiving! Charlene says she is nearing 30 and if she doesn’t do these things that she wants to do while she is still young, when she is 60 and wants to do these things, she physically will not be able to do. Even though Charlene really loves to work, if she doesn’t take vacations and take in other things, that will also negatively affect her work.

About Charlene turning 30 this year, the DJ recalls when Charlene was filming Y2K, and Charlene reveals that Y2K is actually beginning to film again this year. They even contacted Charlene to ask her to make a guest appearance or share her experience! Although many women are very sensitive about turning 30, Charlene is very calm about it — she says after all, she can’t be in her 20s forever! Still, the DJ actually thinks Charlene is becoming even younger and more vivacious — suddenly gaining the courage to do all these daring things. Charlene also feels that her mentality is younger than a few years ago. For a period of time, she trapped herself into a space and she always had this repressed and constrained feeling. She had too much pressure at that time — not only pressure she put on herself, but also from those around her and the media. But then, Charlene experienced significant ups and downs and she suddenly realized: although she has experienced very unhappy things, she is still alive. There are many things that are not very important.

Just like <Year After Year>, <Obviously> was tailor-made and written just for Charlene. Beginning from the prelude composed by Eric, you already feel a sense of reflecting and thinking back to many things. The lyrics tell the story about how in life, there are many matters that you really want to forget, but they rush back when you smell a certain scent or arrive at a certain corner. Yet when you really want to remember certain things, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t remember it. But, you should still be happy — whether these memories are good or bad, they are a part of your experiences in life. Without them, you would not be who you are today. The story the lyrics tell doesn’t have anything about a third party breaking up a couple, a confession and breaking up very heartbroken. Charlene believes that there are situations where there doesn’t have to be a third party involved for a relationship to break down. Sometimes it’s just time and what you realize about each other. Charlene feels that many people have experienced what the lyrics talk about — herself included — so it is very easy for people to relate to it.

Although <Obviously> has a helpless tone to it and the album is like a unified style, the entire album does not have that tone. Eric is great at implementing his own style, but using different melodies and stories to pass on great music. Charlene really wanted to have a very unified Ah Sa style and sound for the whole album and <Obviously> was the first song she recorded, so she spent a long time (2-3 days) just to record it, instead of the typical 1-2 days for Charlene. It took a longer time because Eric because his demands are quite high. Emotion, tone and a sense of rhythm are very important. But Eric feels that if you entirely immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the song, everything will be alright. Sometimes your pitch will be accurate and everything will be alright, but he will see that you haven’t entirely immersed yourself into the song, so you re-record the song again.

Overall, whether it is fans who have followed Charlene all along or new fans, Charlene hopes that her songs will be able to touch everyone. If she can achieve that, she will already be satisfied.

Charlene is also very happy filming <My Wife is 18 – 2: My Sassy Husband>, working with Ekin Cheng again after 10 years. Lastly, the DJ asks Charlene to send a message to all the students listening who are about to take exams. Charlene says to honestly do not be so nervous. She used to be someone who was very easily nervous. When you are nervous, there are many things you are not able to do well. She knows it’s difficult to just not be nervous, but you must have courage to get through it. When you are not nervous, everything will be great.

[Summary] Metro 997 Radio Interview (2012.05.02)

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Charlene’s first & current plug off her upcoming album is “明明” (Obviously). It is composed with the same team who composed “Year After Year”: Composer Eric Kwok & Lyricist Riley Lam. “Obviously” was originally called “Goldfish” and with a completely different set of lyrics. Charlene & Eric did not feel that the 1st set of lyrics were the best and Riley very kindly re-wrote all the lyrics that night. But Charlene & Eric still felt it was missing something, so Riley re-wrote the entire lyrics again, and this is the final product which Charlene & Eric really like. Charlene felt guilty, but she is really thankful to Riley — an extremely popular and busy lyricist who still took all this time and effort to re-write the lyrics 3 times.

Charlene feels like the song is a sign filled with coincidences. The first song Eric composed for Charlene is “等一個懷抱” (Waiting for One Embrace) from Charlene’s 2009 “Another Me” EP. One line of the lyrics is: “年年月月也變改” (Changing year after year, month after month). Last year, Charlene’s hit song composed by Eric Kwok was entitled “年年” (Year After Year). The title of Charlene’s new song “明明” (Obviously) is written by combining the word “日” (Day) and “月” (Month).

Eric Kwok was the music producer for all 10 songs on the album — the first time Eric has produced an entire album for a female singer. The lyrics for “Obviously” were changed multiple times because Charlene & Eric did everything by going in the direction of creating a full album as a package. The previous lyrics did not really express the message of the entire full album.

The title of the album is in English: “Montage.” A montage is a sequence of film as a result of a film editing technique where a series of short clips and photos are edited into a condensed sequence, often suggesting the passage of time. In this case, it reflects the journey of going through life which “Obviously” expresses very well. There was more effort into packaging the album cover for previous albums, but this time the music will be the center with the hope people enjoying and appreciating the elements of the music elements more.

Twins’ and Charlene’s solo markets when making music are slightly different. Twins’ is about friendship and more simple to understand. The company is very supportive of Twins giving their input, but Twins have a particular mould where the songs and lyrics they receive have Twins elements imprinted in them, so there is little space to develop. When Charlene is solo, she is able to let go of many things and both reflect over and input more. The lyrics truly let people think and reflect, and the melodies are able to evolve as much as possible.

Despite producing music as Twins for so many years, Charlene did not really know how she would position herself if she were to release music individually. So Charlene’s previous solo albums were a lot of trying out different music elements. After several solo albums, she is beginning to understand which composers and producers suit her the best. So she found Eric Kwok and he hoped to be able to help Charlene so that from now on, Charlene will have a more unique Charlene sound and music style.

Eric used to be in the same company as Charlene so they’ve known each other for over 10 years. The first day Charlene signed with her management company, she already got to know him. In between, there have been many instances where they got to know each other. Now, Eric knows her so well, he even knows her better than she knows herself. Charlene is sometimes unable to express herself to describe what she is thinking about, but Eric is very quick to pinpoint what Charlene is trying to say. Eric felt that singing an over-the-top extremely emotional and heart-wrenching song did not fit Charlene. Instead, short stories about reality are more appropriate for Charlene. Eric took Charlene’s original personality and put it in the full album, which made Charlene discover herself.

This album has a very unique style with a different direction, different topics that are discussed and different melodies. Although Eric was in charge as the producer, Charlene was very involved in making the entire album which actually took quite a long time. When Charlene receives the lyrics, she discusses possible changes with them but doesn’t boss around that this is how it has to be. When Charlene is given a demo track, she may say a certain chorus isn’t quite right and they will change it. Charlene rarely took part in mixing the music before. This time, Eric taught Charlene because she felt that the more she knows, the easier it will be to communicate with composers in the future. For example with “Obviously”, Charlene spoke to Eric about the kinds of sounds she really wanted to be as its foundation, but she could only try to verbally imitate the sounds. From there, Eric taught her to distinguish what instruments produce the sounds she is looking for and take part in the mixing. The entire process of making the album was similiar to a ‘training process’. There was only one coach — Eric — from start to finish for the album. He kept requiring Charlene to do different things and encouraged her to go back and practice to re-evaluate certain aspects of the album — like doing ‘homework’.

The overall process was a lot of fun for Charlene and Eric has entirely influenced her outlook on many things. Instead of previously just going through repetitive motions, Eric inspired, taught and gave a lot of input to Charlene while working on this album. She now has a lot more passion about life — she really wants to take a proper vacation and see the world, go scuba-diving which she used to be terrified of, and get her driver’s license which she never felt she needed before. He did not exactly tell her to do those things, but they both had so much passion while making the album that it influenced Charlene to have a lot of passion about life in general. Thinking back to why she joined the showbiz over 10 years ago, it’s because she really enjoys performing. It’s very easy to forget this because there was a lot of pressure over this time. But finally Charlene said: “I feel that still being able to stand here after so much, in fact, many things don’t really matter. As long as you work with a lot of heart and effort, even if those people do not like you, it does not matter. But there will definitely be a group of people who support you.”


Ah Sa stifled in a slaughter house for her album photoshoot

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Source: http://ent.sina.com.hk/cgi-bin/nw/show.cgi/2/3/1/527493/1.html
Translation: mutts @ http://asianfanatics.net

Even though Ah Sa has been busy filming a TV series and movie in Mainland, she still remains extremely nervous for her new Cantonese album <Beauty Remains> which releases on October 14 with a press conference on October 13. As soon as she had an opening in her schedule, she returned to Hong Kong to record the album, photograph the album cover and photoshoot and attend events. The four outfits in her album photoshoot are all ‘old’ clothing she has accumulated in her home. Through DIY (do-it-yourself), they have been assembled together to become beautiful unique clothing.

This time, the location for the photoshoot was an abandoned Cheung Sha Wan (poultry market in Hong Kong) slaughter house with collapsing walls and decaying roofs contrasting the charm of Ah Sa’s majestic ‘Ultimate Noblewoman’ look.  The message is that it is possible to find beauty in the worst circumstances. Despite looking like a princess, the location was in fact extremely vile. In order to create a special effect, staff had filled with slaughter house with smoke and mist. Stifling and smothered in the slaughter house for several hours, Ah Sa’s skin developed an allergic reaction, but she tolerated it and continued working, only going to the doctor after finishing the photoshoot. Ah Sa laughed and expressed: “I hope that through this minor suffering, in the end there will be sweetness and the EP will be met with great sales and praise.”

(First plug) <Simply> MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKR2KncGnpc
(Current plug) <Early Recovery Without Medicine>: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SacoyuLChMc

VCR Messages to Charlene at her album release

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From Hu Ge, Raymond Lam, Lee Wei, William Chan, Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Leo Ku, Wong Cho Lam

“Hello Ah Sa, this is Hu Ge, your good friend! Here I have to congratulate you for the official release of your debut Mandarin album! All along I’ve really liked listening to you sing, but I’ve never had the chance to watch you perform on stage. I hope that next time I see you, I get to hear you perform on stage with your beautiful singing voice. Here, I want to wish that your debut Mandarin album sells well! Then, know that Hu Ge really likes you.”

“Hi daughter, how are you? It’s your godfather. I heard that you’re releasing an album today, your first solo Mandarin album. Even though I think your Mandarin pronunciation from what I know isn’t very precise, it’s alright, I understand you. And I have faith that all your fans will also understand. Here, I’m very happy for you. Even though we’ve known each other for 7, 8 years after working on an advertisement together once, I feel as if we’re like family. So knowing that you’re releasing an album today, I’ll definitely support you, and tell all fans and friends to support. So don’t worry, you’ll definitely do well, you’re be the best, cheering you on!”

“Ah Sa, knowing that you’re releasing your first solo album – first Mandarin album, I’m extremely happy for you. Because all along I’ve really liked hearing you sing, but I think you sing Mandarin songs particularly well. Because I feel that when you sing Mandarin songs, you really have your own style. And the MVs you film look great. So I will definitely buy your first Mandarin album and I’m extremely looking forward to it. And your song <Love Will Fight to Win>, I really like it. So fight! Support you.”

“Hello Ah Sa sister, how are you. I know your new Mandarin album is releasing, so here I wish that your Mandarin album sells well! And I also wish for our movie “The Jade and the Pearl” to do well. Congratulations!”

“Congratulations, congratulations! Congratulations for releasing your Mandarin album. I know this is your first solo Mandarin album, I’m extremely happy for you. A really long time ago, I already watched your MVs and listened to your songs, I really have a lot of confidence in your Mandarin album! I hope everyone including your fans, the media, all energetically support Ah Sa. Older sister Ah Sa, I hope your new album sells well. I hope .. when you do promotions, eat a lot, and come back chubby. I hope that your album has your personal compositions.”

“Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Without realizing it, we’ve known each other for about 10 years. Today, you finally have your solo Mandarin album. Congratulations! I’m very happy, of course I hope every person will buy your album, support you. I hope that your album sells well and that your popularity soars! Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Today is Ah Sa’s first solo Mandarin album press conference. Charlene Choi’s debut Mandarin album. Here, I want to congratulate Ah Sa. I hope her Mandarin album sells well, sells well, sells really well! Congratulations congratulations!”

“Aiya Ah Sa, you’re releasing a new album? I can’t take it. I hope that your album will sell extremely well and I want your autograph on your album. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely buy it. You guys also have to buy it.”

Charlene: “The biggest surprise for me was Lee Wei’s part, because I’ve known him for a really long time. Maybe people don’t know that we’re very close. And I don’t always see him, the staff is amazing, managing to find him.”

Ah Sa suffers in silence filming her new MV outdoors

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October 4, 2010
Source: http://paper.wenweipo.com/2010/10/05/EN1010050039.htm
Translation: mutts @ http://asianfanatics.net

Charlene Choi has recently been busy filming in Mainland, wrapping up filming <Sword Heroes’ Fate> with Nicholas Tse and beginning filming <Legend of the White Snake> with Jet Li, Eva Huang and Raymond Lam. At the same time, she is preparing to release her new Cantonese EP <Beautiful Remains> in mid-October. It can be said, she has no spare time! Ah Sa recently found the time to film the MV for her recently plugged song <Simply> (簡簡單單). Not only did she ‘fry’ under the sun, her soft clear skin was bitten until it was red and swollen. Being professional she had no complaints, and even burst out laughing at herself once the cameras stopped rolling.

<Simply> is a song tailor-made for Ah Sa, a relaxing and encouraging song with lyrics encouraging everyone to be satisfied with what you have; if you live everyday simply, you will live happily. Optimistic and carefree like herself, the vivid outdoor scenery are extremely fitting. With the meaning of the lyrics to encourage everyone to face life optimistically, Ah Sa especially suggested to film outdoors, hoping for music fans to feel the meaning through the natural scenery.

The day of the MV filming, the temperature reached up to 30 degrees Celsius, pitiful Ah Sa was scorching under the sun for half a day. To the camera, she appeared to be enjoying herself, but suffered in silence. In another scene filming underneath the shade of a tree, Ah Sa wholeheartedly believed that the large tree would be a good shade, but under the tree there were many mosquitoes, biting Ah Sa’s skin until her limbs were all red. All she could do was run away from the mosquito army every time the director yelled cut. Even though all her limbs were swollen and itchy, always happy Ah Sa still poked fun at herself. Pointing to her polka dot dress and her mosquito bites, she joked that it was a new polka dot fashion style, and she even suddenly walked like a model on a catwalk runway, making all the staff members on set laugh non-stop, and praising Ah Sa for both being professional and practicing what she preaches with her <Simply> optimistic personality.

“Sword Heroes’ Fate” Media Event

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October 3, 2010
Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/h/2010-09-27/23323099791.shtml
Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/UBrWPUud1P8/
Translation: mutts @ http://asianfanatics.net





<Sword Heroes’ Fate> finished filming at the end of September! The public has been extremely interested about the rumors that Nicholas received a record-breaking 300 000 per episode salary (with 30 episodes, that’s 9 million!). Nicholas was filming all day and was unable to accept any interviews, and other than that he’s been tight-lipped about it.

“Even though Producer Zhang Sen did not reveal specific numbers, he admitted that Nicholas Tse and Ah Sa’s salaries for the series are indeed very high. However, he added that the reason for being willing to spend so much money to INVITE Nicholas and Ah Sa is precisely because of their popularity and support of fans abroad and overseas. “In this aspect, others cannot compare,” he said. He expressed that <Sword Heroes’ Fate> is not only establishing itself in the Mainland market – it also strives to win over a greater portion of the overseas market. Looking from this aspect, the high salary is worth it.”

Talking about filming series and movies, Charlene replied: “I don’t often film TV series. This is my .. 1, 2 .. 3rd one. I feel that filming series and movies are very different. Perhaps I still comparatively like to film movies. Because TV series really are very rushed – in one day, you’ll have many scenes. For example in one day you might film the first episode, the tenth episode and the finale episode. This requires a very quick transformation (physically and character), but I’m a rather slow person, so perhaps the tempo of movies suits me better”


About playing video games
Kenny: “Normally, we play video games quite a lot, and we also play any kind of game. For example when we were previously in Shandong, a group of us would sit in Ah Sa’s room and a group of us would one after another play video games. We play all sorts of games – online games, word guessing games, we all play it pretty fanatically.”
Reporter: “Who’s better?”
Kenny: “She (Charlene), she plays better. She’s very smart.” (Charlene laughs)
Charlene: “No, it’s because – that game is very easy. (They both laugh)”
Kenny: “It’s easy but I can’t even win it.” (lol They’re still laughing)
Charlene: “Recently the game I’ve been a big fan of is a word guessing game. The computer will show an English word/phrase and we take turns drawing for others to guess.” (Sounds like ISketch to me?)

Charlene: “The games Nicholas plays are very challenging. We’re primary school students, he’s a university student. The games he plays, we can’t even understand them.”
Kenny: “That’s right, we just look at the screen and it’s so complex, we don’t even understand it.”
Charlene: “Or we’ll introduce our little easy games to him and he’s so amazing at them. The easy ones, we’ll have very low scores, and he’ll get the maximum highscore.”

(The reporter starts asking about more video games, if they’ve played it before, but he’s unclear and both Charlene and Kenny are confused, but Charlene finally gets it)
Charlene: “Oh, yeah I have. (Kenny still looks lost so she turns to him and says in English) Zombie, Zombie Planet.”
Kenny: “Oh, Zombie Planet. We actually like playing Angry Birds.” (They both laugh)
Charlene: “Yeah, we extremely love to play it. I’ve passed all the rounds in Angry Birds. But right now, I’m playing it again because I hope I can get the triple star (?). Right now I’ve played over half of it.”

Reporter: “How do you guys get along?”

Kenny: “We get along especially well. At night we’ll either go out and eat dinner, or we’ll exercise together, it’s like how we hang out in Hong Kong.”